Think, Do, Justify

The Juniper Group was founded by June Kirchgatter, a marketing communications strategist, so planning and strategy are integral to all that we do. We always start a relationship by performing a diagnostic on your business needs, a process we call client immersion. Our job is to find the right solution—or solutions—to help you achieve your goals and then to implement those solutions.

The Juniper Group provides clients with creative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for their communications challenges with a strong emphasis on customer service. Whether we suggest a redesigned logo or improved keyword meta-tagging on your web site, we won’t leave you hanging with a wish-list of ideas and no one to help shepherd you through the mock-ups, uploading, printing, or tabulation. We engage our team of creative designers, writers, developers, and programmers to deliver the varied tactics in our strategic plan. In all our thinking and doing, we are constantly aware of the fact that our clients are businesses, meant to achieve profits. You won’t find a whole lot of bells and whistles in our designs (unless you start manufacturing bells and/or whistles). What you will find are well thought-out, carefully executed, and financially justified solutions for your business.